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FJ44-4 - 3600 lbf Fanjet - It's Bigger, It's Better
FJ44-3 - 3000 lbf Fanjet - A Quantum Leap Forward
FJ44-2 - 2300 - 2400 lbf Fanjet - Exhilarating Power
FJ44-1AP - 1900 – 2100 lbf Fanjet - New and Improved
FJ33 - 1000 - 1900 lbf Fanjet - For a New Class of Jets


Airplanes with the FJ44-4 Engine

Cessna CJ4
Beechcraft 400XPR
Pilatus PC-24

Airplanes with the FJ44-3 Engine

Cessna CJ2+
Cessna CJ3
Sierra Industries Super II and Super S-II
Nextant 400XT

Airplanes with the FJ44-2 Engine

Beechcraft Premier 1A
Cessna CJ2
Sierra Industries FJ44 Stallion and Eagle II
Scaled Composites Proteus
SyberJet SJ30
SpiritWing (Learjet 25)
Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer

Airplanes with the FJ44-1 Engine

Cessna CJ1
Cessna CJ1+
Cessna M2
Saab SK60

Airplanes with the FJ33 Engine

Cirrus Vision SF50
Diamond D-Jet

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