Company History

In 1955 Dr. Sam B. Williams founded Williams Research Corporation (the company name changed to Williams International in 1981) based on the premise that gas turbine engines could be put to many new uses if only they could be smaller and more affordable. This vision prompted him to leave the security of Chrysler Corporation and start his own company to focus on revolutionary designs and innovative manufacturing technologies that would yield rugged, affordable turbines with performance comparable to larger turbines.

The first contract was a successful experiment to apply gas turbine technology to a marine outboard. The drive to discover a different and better solution to every problem soon came to characterize the engineering, manufacturing, and management personality of the company. The pursuit of new and better ideas has led the Williams International employee team to introduce products and services that have changed the aerospace industry. Most noteworthy are the miniature turbofans that enabled the creation of long-range cruise missiles, the X-Jet flying platform, turbojets so small and inexpensive that navies around the world use drones powered by them to train their gunners, and the simple, rugged FJ44/FJ33 family of turbofans that enabled the development of new categories of light and very light business jets. Thanks to the innovations our team has brought to customer service, owners and operators consistently rate our Product Support the best in the turbine engine industry.

Company Timeline